Fernando Casián

Fernando Casián is a motivated and passionate graphic designer with a strong vision and knowledge about processes and problem-solving in visual arts for the tourism industry and others. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business management from Universidad de las Américas Ciudad de México in 2002 as well as bachelor degree in Web Graphic Design from the Universidad Tecnológica de México in 2006. In his point of view: “by combining experience from different areas of design and advertising helped him develop a self-improvement thinking personality with punctuality.”


Fernando’s dedication to Graphic Design and job experience in this field as a full-time designer led him to develop skills related to art direction, creative direction, graphic design, and illustration. His skills in logo design, photoshop, direct marketing, corporate branding and identity, brand development, and typography, made him highly praised by his colleagues and clients. When it comes to program skills, Fernando is a proficient user of Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop.

Fun Facts

  • Fernando is interested in drones and all related to this gadget.
  • When not flying drones, he produces techno music.