What is Llama?

Llama is a new Rental Asset Management system developed by Rēlentless Software. It builds upon six years of experience integrating 3rd party rental asset management solutions.

• Modular.
Can connect to any ERP, WMS, CRM, eCommerce, bookkeeping, etc.

• DB-agnostic
Can use either MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB.

• Works in all languages
As long as we can hire a translator, the whole application can be translated to any language.

 In today’s market place customers require intuitive navigation and seamless purchase transactions. Customer engagement on your website is critical to increased revenue.

A static Website that doesn’t offer the ability to easily select items, flexible shipping, and payment options is deemed obsolete.

If the rental process is difficult or the customer has to wait for human interaction to provide a quote you are asking customers to leave and go to a competitor who offers a better shopping experience.

Rēlentless Software solutions specialize in the entertainment rental industry by providing an all-in-one digital solution that manages customers, products, warehousing, and shipping.

With our powerful API, we can talk to any bookkeeping solution, human resource management software and other eCommerce platforms.