Michael Theuringer


Michael is a highly skilled product manager as well as an immensely passionate strategist that focuses on synthesizing customer and business insights to establish product strategies that lead to informed decision-making on cost, utility, and timelines. He is an effective leader that takes deep pride in his wide area of expertise. He describes himself as result-driven and innovative when it comes to facilitating creative, content, research, UX, data, and engineering teams. 

“I led a transformation of product ideas from their most formidable stages into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining serious considerations of financial implications, marketing needs, and overall business objectives” as Michael describes his roles in companies he has been an appreciated employee. 


Michael Theruinger has deep industry experience in media management, eCommerce, mobile, governmental, and CPG. As director of product management and leading strategist, he has exceptional communication, interpersonal, and networking skills that result in his ability to convey complex technical concepts to a broad range of audiences and skill levels. Among a pallet of skills that he has, Michael emphasizes his abilities in information architecture, key client relations, strategic planning, budgeting and cost control, risk analysis & management, team building & supervision, creative briefs, product roadmaps, CRM, ERP. 

His work lead him to develop highly appreciated abilities to select, assess and implement the entire tech infrastructure and a team from the ground up as well as develop product roadmaps and build alignment across product teams, cross-functional partners (marketing, customer experience, finance, and operations, etc.), and the leadership/executive team. He is greatly appreciated by his coworkers for his mentoring, recruiting, and management skills, as well as excellent management of technical consultations while he also performed roles that required skills in business analysis, content strategy, and information architecture.

Fun Facts

  • Michael has a Bachelor degree from The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Dramaturgy and Directing he obtained in 1992
  • He oversaw and managed the planning and production of national live media events for the agency’s consumer brands including Tabasco, 3M, Kraft, Balance Bar, and Jell-O among others.