Our work

Our combined experience brings many technologies, industry expertise, and disciplines to create elegant solutions that make our customers happy.

CSI Rentals

Csi Rentals is the one stop shop in New York City and Brooklyn NY for photo and video/cinema equipment all under one roof featuring camera and lighting rentals for still and video at the same location as well as expendables photo and video supplies.   
Featuring professional Camera rentals including DSLR HD, Mirrorless, and Cinema, and full line of Audio and accessories such as Camera stabilizers and gimbals. 

Client: CSI Rentals

Services: Systems Integration, Custom Applications,  eCommerce Website Development and Maintenance.
Technologies used: CS-Cart. 
Year: 2022

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is the leading supplier of the finest quality backdrops and theatrical curtains and drapes. Hand-painted by dedicated artists in in Los Angeles, California or printed using modern printers, their backdrops are available either for rent or for purchase on their website.


Client: Grosh Backdrops and Drapery.

Services: Creative Direction & Design, UI/UX, SEO, Systems Integration, Website Development and Maintenance.
Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Year: 2016

Rick Hanson

r. Rick Hanson has spent decades gathering brain science research, information, practices, and other resources to help people turn everyday experiences into a powerful sense of lasting well-being.

This website contains tons of free resources and information and links to more in-depth tools for lasting happiness.


Client: Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Services: Creative Direction & Design, UI/UX, SEO, Website Development and Maintenance.
Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Year: 2016


KarYard is a peer-to-peer automotive marketplace where users safely buy and sell used cars. We bring buyers and sellers together using simple, easy-to-use mobile and a web application seamlessly guiding users through easy and transparent used car transactions.

Client: KarYardYear
Year: 2016


The Foundations of Well-Being

The Foundations of Well-Being is a cutting-edge self-help program created by New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

The website features a yearlong interactive “path” to well-being that allows members to take quizzes, stream and download video and audio, and participate in user forums and live chat features. Each week a new step in this path is released, which automatically sends members an email with the new content and their own personalized dashboard.

Client: Rick Hanson and The Foundations of Well-Being.

Services: Creative Direction, UI/UX, SEO, Website Development, and Maintenance.
Technologies used: Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.
Year: 2015


Pantheon Enterprises is a chemical manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona founded over a decade ago with the mission to innovate and develop high performance, cost-effective and environmentally-safe products for a variety of industries.


Client: Pantheon Chemical
Services: Web Design, UI/UX, Web Development and Maintenence.
Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Year: 2015


Client: Eusophi.
Services: Creative Direction & Design, UI/UX, SEO, Website Development, and Maintenance.
Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Year: 2015

The Wrap

We have provided redesign and Drupal to WP migration of the high traffic website. It was averaging about 2 million uniques a month on the legacy Drupal CMS, the migration and subsequent maintenance and improvements that SSD did to the WP Codebase, SEO, and other integrations increased the traffic to the site to all-time high of 7 million in March 2014.
Currently, Rēlentless (formerly SSD) is maintaining the site with constant updates to the CMS and feature requests, and working on bringing clients’ other websites to the WP and having them hosted together and having them all work with one parent theme.


Client: The Wrap.

Services/Technologies used: Linux, Apache, Memcache, Varnish, Drupal, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP.

Year: 2014

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism. They do so through transformative thinking, programs, events, and communities of inquiry designed to support the elevation of humanity through the application of the principles of Conscious Capitalism.


Client: Conscious Capitalism

Services / Technologies used: Linux, Apache, Drupal, Flash, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP.
Year: 2014

Los Angeles College of Music

Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) prepares students to be leaders in music and offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees and Diploma programs in Music Performance, Music Production, Songwriting, Composing for Visual Media and Music Business. On their website, prospective students can learn more about their programs, apply for admissions and scholarships, and stay up-to-date with school events via the calendar and the blog.


Client: Los Angeles College of Music

Services: Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design, UI/UX, SEO, Web Development and Maintenance. 

Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Year: 2014


iVerba is a mind-blowingly addictive game that will keep you glued to your iDevice for hours. Its simple design and idea make a perfect match with its sophisticated logic to keep its audience concentrated on an essential thing – training their minds and keeping them entertained.


Client: iVerba
Services: App Development
Year: 2013
App Store

Being Human

BeingHuman.org is a community where ideas about the human experience, based on current science, evolutionary theory, and philosophy are shared. BeingHuman.org explore how these new understandings relate to the lives of individuals and societies, to you and to your world.

Client: Being Human Services.

Technologies used: Linux, Apache, Drupal, Flash, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP

Year: 2013


Calculot is a simple mathematical functions plotter for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app provides intuitively understandable interface. Many programed functions are available: sin(), cos(), sqrt() for square root, log(), ln() for natural logarithm (base e), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), ^ for exponent, π and e constants, 1/x and etc.


Easy to work with graph area (pan to move, pinch to scale, double finger to go to default view, tap to view coordinates) Take screenshots and save them to the library Currently supports following functions: sin, cos, sqrt, log, ln, tan, asin, acos, atan Checks for syntax errors and gives probable solutions to them.


Client: Calculot.

Services Technologies Used: Xcode IDE, Objective C, Core Graphics framework, Quartz.

Year: 2013

The Shortlist Film Festival

The ShortList Film Festival is not like most film festivals. The only way to submit your film is by invitation. Also, they select only 12 of the best award-winning short films that have premiered at a major festival in the past year, making this is the most highly competitive film festival of its kind!


The 12 films will be presented on this website as well as TheWrap.com, which gets over 7 million unique views per month. They will also be highlighted daily in the newsletter which goes out to thousands of subscribers.


Finalists will have the opportunity to promote their film to fans and friends who can then vote online. The film with the most votes will win the Audience Award. In addition, the jury of esteemed industry experts will separately judge the 12 shorts and select one Grand Jury Prize winner.


Client: The Shortlist Film Festival.
Services: Website Design, Development and Maintenance.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Jammit is an app where the audio for the individual instruments and voices heard on songs was recorded separately before being blended into the final mix. These original multi-track recordings are the building blocks for every popular song released over the past 50 years and the same authentic tracks used in Jammit. Jammit allows you to isolate or remove an instrument from the mix so that you can jam with a band’s original master tracks! In addition to instrument isolation, Jammit’s scrolling scores, section looping, variable slow mode, and onboard recorder let you experience music like never before. Whether you’d like to emulate every nuance of an incredible player or take in the musical genius of excellent performance, Jammit software allows you to find out what your favorite music is made of.


Relentless is maintaining the website of the app and its back-end store. We have redeveloped and redesigned various parts of the website such as the home page, header, footer, etc.


Client: Jammit
Services: Web Design, UI/UX, Web Development, and Maintenance.
Technologies used: Linux, Apache, Drupal, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP.
Year: 2012.


parENtalk is a project of Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Inc. The website helps parents and caregivers through the tube-feeding journey. Parent Discussions, Success Stories, Support Videos.


Client: Nestlé | ParentTalk
Services / Technologies used: IIS, .NET Framework, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.
Year: 2011


Fitin is a brand new iPhone App for business professionals that combines networking with working out so you’ll never have to choose again between staying healthy and advancing your career.

Case Studies

Garment Manufacturer

Client needed a way to keep track of inventory, as they were losing garments. They used Excel to keep track of them. 

Medical Device Reseller

Client needed a way to make their customers sign and pay in one step.