Make Better Use of Your Rental Software

More likely than not, your  rental software wasn’t designed specifically for you — or the way today’s customers want to rent. As technology progresses, customer expectations and norms do too. If your customer experience lags behind the “new normal,” you risk losing both new and old customers. 

Rēlentless can give your rental software a new lease on life.

What’s the Problem?

Out of the box  rental systems:

  • Don’t integrate with rental asset management, accounting, and HR systems
  • Don’t give you real-time inventory data where you need them
  • Aren’t designed for mobile devices
  • Use clunky workflows that are like quicksand to performance and efficiency

Businesses that use outdated systems that don’t play well together see lower profit margins, customer and employee satisfaction levels, and, ultimately, customer bases.

What’s the Solution?

Integrations and customization of legacy software enables companies to meet today’s needs without abandoning yesterday’s software investments and avoiding the cost and risks of new software implementation and data migration. 

Professionally delivered  integration and customization enables your current software to support: 

  • Automation and workflow enhancements 
  • Improved user experiences
  • Transaction options customers expect
  • Quicker response times and improved customer service
  • Higher profit margins

Get more value from your rental software

Rēlentless specializes in optimizing and integrating old rental business systems. We take a consultative approach that fits a solution around your particular business. We combine technical expertise with rental industry and best practices  process knowledge to transform your software from something your employees and customers dread working around to a performance and satisfaction driver. 

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