We’re Rēlentless About Your Success

The Right Software Solution for Your Company

Anybody can develop a software application to your specifications, but not everyone will deliver the solution your business needs. We’ve seen first-hand what happens when a developer-for-hire simply goes through the motions based on a technical document. The deliverable meets the specs, but it doesn’t do what you actually need. 

Rēlentless won’t start development until we have a full understanding of your business needs. We’ll help you think through the custom software requirements at the business level: What is the business objective, and what does your software solution need to accomplish? 

Sometimes that means we’ll push back and recommend a different approach to the project. When business goals drive software development, you get the results you’re looking for, even if the application itself turns out a bit different from your original vision.

We’re hiring!

Looking for challenging, meaningful, and dynamic work? We’re hiring exceptional people who can make an impact on our exciting and ever-expanding project portfolios.

Who We Work With

Rēlentless’ clients are looking for a partner who can take ownership of a project and understand it within the business context. They need a product development and product management team who will be there on a long term basis — either for custom software development or to provide staff augmentation. 

We work as an extension of your organization, not simply as a developer but as a knowledgeable advisor to your senior management team.

With Rēlentless, you have direct contact and relationships with U.S.-based project managers to ensure that your needs are handled in alignment with your entire business. 

A Reputation You Can Trust

Rēlentless is backed by ITF Group, an international investment company with multiple businesses under its umbrella. This security ensures that Rēlentless has the resources and the stability to be there for your company for the long term.

Rēlentless and its parent company have earned unbeatable reputations among private and government clients of all sizes.

Offshore Development Done Right

Our stateside project management team is your hands-on partner that works closely with you on scoping, project management, design, and other consulting needs. We’ll also provide updates on a regular basis, so you know exactly how the project is progressing. 

Once we understand your business and your specific needs, we use our own dedicated team of offshore developers in Uzbekistan. Offshoring helps reduce your costs and provides access to world-class professionals.

Uzbekistan is a rising star in the software development field, and offers several appealing advantages:

  • Stable politics and government
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Strong education — especially in science, technology and math
  • Relatively low-cost base
  • Strong government commitment to growing the IT industry

The close sibling relationship of our U.S. and Uzbekistan executives ensures that the two teams have a tight alignment and seamless communication. We won’t drop the ball on your project.

Our Story

Rēlentless started when brothers Jack and Lotch Samatov put $100 into a bank account. They were both new to the United States, but their degrees in engineering and economics gave them the knowledge and experience to make a difference. 

The first year saw an ROI of 76%, for a total of $176. Undeterred, Lotch returned to Uzbekistan and began assembling a corps of elite software developers with the vision of providing world-class services to American businesses.

Since then, the development team has expanded to 200+ developers and is now the largest and most successful software and IT services company in Uzbekistan. 

Headquartered in the U.S., Rēlentless has a proven track record of living up to its name. We aren’t satisfied until you have the rental technology solution you need to grow your business.

Meet the Rēlentless Team

lentless is one of the founders and owners of the Intelligent Financial Technology Group (IFTG) and is the U.S. presence for IFTG. IFTG is a conglomerate of companies covering software development services, IT services, digital marketing services, payment gateway operations, logistics, distribution and consumer services. IFTG is based in Uzbekistan with a deep and fluid network of relationships in-country and throughout Central Asia, and has business interests globally.

Jack Samatov

Chief Executive Officer

Jack is an engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He built his first sound compiler at the age of 16 with Assembler, later patented, sold inventions and started Relentless in 2005. 25 years later, he is a relentlessly passionate visionary, helping companies master their toughest technology challenges. 

At Rēlentless, Jack leads the agency’s technical teams, sharing his rich experience and innovative approach while aligning the technology-related decisions for our clients with relentless organizational goals.

Lotch Samatov

Chief Operations Officer

Lotch co-founded his first IT Services Company in 2005 right out of Boston University with a fresh IT degree. His passion and great vision led him to grow his team and client network, transitioning to a multi-million dollar company with 25-40% year-over-year increase in revenue.

In 2008, he founded a 40-person strong development company in Uzbekistan that became Rēlentless’s main offshore development arm. 

Nikolay Tsoy

C-Level executive

Nikolay Tsoy is endeavoring, ambitious person who is passionately motivated to create a strong team as C-Level executive in the IT sector. He serves as the technical point of contact for the team, represents the company’s interests, directs the team as they work on the project, and facilitates technology transfer during the project.

Bob Zecca

Vice President, Business Development

Bob blends technology, sales & marketing, operations, and business turnaround experience to drive next-level performance for lower mid-market companies. Having led two software companies as President, he is skilled at boosting sales, forging strategic partnerships, and redefining business processes by aligning technology with business needs. 

Driven by passion, honesty, and integrity, his leadership style fosters accountability, creativity, and innovation.

Greg Lipper

Vice President, Sales

Greg comes to the table with 30 years of developing and selling technology solutions and technology-enabled services globally. He contributes a wealth of sales and business development experience, global relationships, and entrepreneurial energy to develop new business with customers, integrators, agencies, and enterprise software platforms.

Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann

Director of Product Development

Almost 20 years spent in business process design and implementation made Alejandro become an aspiring leader in this field. His team has described him as a software architect, team creator, and leader who helps Rēlentless achieve excellence. 

Alejandro uses his great experience in object-oriented program design, software process design, and UX/UI design. In his free time, he likes to produce music in his studio. 

Victoria Rose

Chief of Staff

Victoria Rose is a solution-driven Executive Assistant turned serial entrepreneur who specializes in creating revolutionary businesses and workforce solutions for entrepreneurs and administrative professionals alike through Executives Extension and Virtual Victorias, respectively. 

Emma Rapp

Product Manager

Emma Rapp is a tech-savvy and creative Product Manager who has a wealth of experience in agile B2B SaaS implementation management, multi-channel digital marketing, and UX design.

With her strong leadership abilities and proactive mindset, she is passionate about developing groundbreaking products at the intersection of design, technology, and strategy.

Ilkhom Khodjaev

Project Manager

As System Architect and System Development Lead, designed and implemented large and scalable client side software for companies in fields from Entertainment to FinTech for Desktop, Mobile and Web environments using both Native and Cross-platform solutions. Cooperate with cross-functional, multi national teams in full development life cycle of multiple projects. Consult organizations in various fields of software engineering and team planning.

Valeriy Aleksandrov

Head of Quality Assurance

Valeriy is a detail-oriented and experienced Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist who is responsible for manual testing process, gathering data and reporting on departmental status and issues, he participates in testing software products, analyse test results, writing test scripts as well. Valeriy has worked with the team for more than ten years.

Olga Kalivanova

Project Manager

Olga is one of the most capable and hardworking specialists in the IT field. Her team characterized Olga as an organized, goal-oriented expert who uses passion, creativity, and collaboration to design projects that are destined for success.

Richard Whitney

Project Manager

Richard Whitney has built a reputation as an IT industry leader on both technical and business fronts. With over 20 years experience, Richard has developed and managed 100+ projects. As a strategic thinker and experienced project manager, Richard is passionate about providing exceptional result-driven, client-oriented service and high quality finished projects in a timely manner.

Dilshod Kuryazov

Dev Lead — Integrations

Dishod is a seasoned software developer with a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. His vast knowledge of modern technology was acquired through academics and professional practice. With over 13 years of industry experience, he has demonstrated his expertise in software engineering by collaborating with various companies worldwide.



Nathan has over a decade of experience in SEO verified by satisfied customers across different industries. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of businesses in increasing organic traffic by gaining 1st-page positions on Google search results. Implementing tailored solutions to their individual needs.


You have our promise to relentlessly pursue the success and growth of your rental business. We will only implement solutions that make sense for your company.