We’re Rēlentless About Your Rental Business

It’s time to make rental software useful.

Rental companies find themselves locked into clunky, old software, and it stymies the health of the business. What was supposed to set your business free has become a ball and chain. 

Software designed 20 years ago didn’t have e-commerce, mobile devices, or distributed workforces in mind. The environment has changed, but legacy rental software hasn’t. 

That’s where Rēlentless comes in. Our services extend the life of your investment in older software by modernizing it to today’s demands.

We’re hiring!

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eCommerce Solutions for Rental Companies

Rental agencies often feel like their business is held hostage by the limitations of their software. Their data is locked into a clunky legacy system and they can’t break out of it.

Using your ideal workflow as the standard, we develop customized interfaces and integrations to make your software support your business processes — rather than bending your processes to suit your software. Instead of forcing your round peg into a square hole, we reshape the hole. 

Rēlentless develops solutions that sit on top of your legacy software. You get a beautiful, easy-to-use interface, while our software enables your legacy systems to do what you need. 

With Rēlentless, you can power-up your data and streamline your operations in ways you never dreamed of.

Free up your people for high-value activities, boost employee job satisfaction, give your customers better service, and start driving more sales. 

Why Rental?

We believe rental solutions can help reduce the planet’s carbon footprint and consumer wastefulness. Our integrations empower rental companies to rent more equipment, encouraging consumers to purchase fewer items that they will throw away. 

Our vision is to make renting easier and more appealing than purchasing on Amazon. If we can do that, we’ll reduce wastefulness and damage to the environment.

But to get there, the rental industry must lead the way in technology.

Our Story

Rēlentless started when brothers Jack and Lotch Samatov put $100 into a bank account. They were both new to the United States, but their degrees in engineering and economics gave them the knowledge and experience to make a difference. 

The first year saw an ROI of 76%, for a total of $176. Undeterred, Lotch returned to Uzbekistan and began assembling a corps of elite software developers with the vision of providing world-class services to American businesses.

Since then, the development team has expanded to 200+ developers and is now the largest and most successful software and IT services company in Uzbekistan. 

Headquartered in the U.S., Rēlentless has a proven track record of living up to its name. We aren’t satisfied until you have the rental technology solution you need to grow your business.

Offshore Development Done Right

Our stateside project management team is your hands-on partner that works closely with you on scoping, project management, design, and other consulting needs. We’ll also provide updates on a regular basis, so you know exactly how the project is progressing. 

Once we understand your business and your specific needs, we use our own dedicated team of offshore developers in Uzbekistan. Offshoring helps reduce your costs and provides access to world-class professionals.

Uzbekistan is a rising star in the software development field, and offers several appealing advantages:

  • Stable politics and government
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Strong education — especially in science, technology and math
  • Relatively low-cost base
  • Strong government commitment to growing the IT industry

The close sibling relationship of our U.S. and Uzbekistan executives ensures that the two teams have a tight alignment and seamless communication. We won’t drop the ball on your project.

Meet the Rēlentless Team

Jack Samatov

Chief Executive Officer

Jack built his first sound compiler at the age of 16 with Assembler and C++. 25 years later, he is a Rēlentlessly passionate visionary, helping rental companies master their toughest technology challenges. 

At Rēlentless, Jack leads the agency’s technical teams, sharing his rich experience and innovative approach while aligning the technology-related decisions for our clients with Rēlentless organizational goals.

Lotch Samatov

Chief Operations Officer

Lotch Samatov co-founded his first IT Services Company in 2005 right out of Boston University with a fresh IT degree. He had passion and great vision that led him to grow his team and client network transitioning to a multi-million dollar a year company, with 25-40% year over year increase in revenue.

In 2008, he founded a 40 person strong development company in Uzbekistan that became Rēlentless’ main offshore development arm. 

Bob Zecca

Vice President, Business Development

Bob blends technology, sales & marketing, operations, and business turnaround experience to drive next-level performance for lower mid-market companies. Having led two software companies as President, he is skilled at boosting sales, forging strategic partnerships, and redefining business processes by aligning technology with business needs. 

Driven by passion, honesty, and integrity, his leadership style fosters accountability, creativity, and innovation.

Greg Lipper

Vice President, International

Greg comes to the table with 30 years of developing and selling technology solutions and technology-enabled services globally. He contributes a wealth of sales and business development experience, global relationships, and entrepreneurial energy to develop new business with customers, integrators, agencies, and enterprise software platforms.

Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann

General Project Manager

Almost 20 years spent in business process design and implementation made Alejandro become an aspiring leader in this field. His team has described him as a software architect, team creator, and leader who helps Rēlentless achieve excellence. 

Alejandro uses his great experience in object-oriented program design, software process design, and UX/UI design. In his free time, he likes to produce music in his studio. 

Fernando Casián Manero

Graphic Designer

Fernando is a motivated and passionate graphic designer working on websites for the past 15 years. He has a strong vision and knowledge about processes and problem-solving in visual arts. 

Fernando has worked with the team for more than ten years. He likes to produce techno music, fly drones, and travel when he’s not designing. 

Nathan Gaidai


Nathan has over a decade of experience verified by satisfied customers, top-ranking pages, and impeccably improved businesses.


You have our promise to relentlessly pursue the success and growth of your rental business. We will only implement solutions that make sense for your company.