Jack Samatov​

Chief Executive officer


Jack Samatov is an emerging technology leader, inventor and entrepreneur focused on building software product-based businesses and creating shareholders. He is a software enthusiast that has been delivering outstanding results for over 18 years. Jack Samatov has a Master’s degree in  Information Technology obtained from American Intercontinental University. 

Jack describes himself as: “A highly motivated leader delivering support for new businesses or startups as a CTO, leading them toward successful funding by working closely at early stages of identifying improvements and enhancements for their inventions.”


During Jack’s long and very prosperous career he has worked in many companies perfecting his skills in developing innovative products and technology, setting strategies, developing teams, leading cross-functional groups, and executing business plans. He is very proud of his technology leadership, especially a set of skills that included basics such as Web/Software Development, HTML/JavaScript Programming, as well as Web Design. Jack`s IT skills also testify to his immense knowledge and experience in his work since he is proficient in technology operations custom programming and commercial frameworks, eCommerce platforms like Magento, Drupal, WP, programming RoR, C#.NET, JavaScript, CSS, HTML in an agile Test Driven Development environment. Jack Samatov has also been immensely involved in the invention, integration, and deployment of companies’ IT strategies, mobile marketing applications, constructed many modules, built a custom video encoder, document converter, HDF5 Data Reader, custom PDF converter, and a custom Cloud Storage management system.