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Whatever your software development needs are, Rēlentless has a solution for your business — from custom development to systems integration to dedicated development teams.

Today’s businesses are solving their greatest challenges through digital adoption and innovative software applications. Rēlentless has the team with a depth of expertise to set you in front of the pack. 

Choose from a range of software solutions and services to meet your business needs.


Custom Software Development

Our blend of U.S.-based project managers and offshore developers ensures you get the custom app you need — done right and done on time and within budget.

Rental Systems Integrations

Streamline your rental operations by integrating your rental asset management system with your website and other business systems.

Rental eCommerce Storefronts

  • Storefronts designed for rental
  • Up & running overnight
  • Connections to payments, shipping, accounting, warehouse, CRM
  • Customizable
  • Marketplace connection options

Our UI/UX team ranked one of the highest in Ukraine.

Transform your legacy software with a mobile-first interface that enhances your sales operations.

Dedicated Development Teams

  • Hand-pick your team from hundreds of talented engineers
  • World class building and infrastructure
  • Flexible terms
  • Lowest rates for this quality level globally

Our Work

At Rēlentless, we live up to our name every day. We won’t rest until you have the right solutions in place to reach your business goals. Here are some examples of customized software solutions we’ve provided.

Unique Business Systems — WorkManager

A user friendly, fully configurable, rental management software built on 35+ years of industry experience and feedback; Rēlentless Agency is helping Unibiz on maintaining the code for its WorkManager application.


Communication and filing system for criminal cases.

ASDUM Tashkent Asdum QR-code and Asdum Tablo

Automated dispatching, management and monitoring system of transportation for Tashkent.

QR-codes on bus stops to scan for users to get information about buses, which stops on that bus stop.
Tablo- monitor showing buses movement.

ASDUM region

Automated dispaching, management and monitoring system of transportation for the regions of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekinvest (Client)

Mobile application, all types of insurance services for the population, payment and history of policies and payments are integrated. For iOS and Android.

Uzbekinvest (E-Agent)

Mobile application for insurance agents. Any types of services offered by one of the largest insurance companies in Uzbekistan for the population. Integration of online payments, government benefits for different regions of the country.


The official application of the mobile operator MobiUz. Tariffs and services management, administration of additional numbers, bonus programs and loyalty programs, and much more. Content administration, analytical and statistical block, admin panel. For iOS and Android


Mobile application: an electronic wallet with the ability to pay abroad with local cards (Uzcard/Humo). Uses the NFC API. iOS and Android.

Strengths Unleashed — SaaS Platform

Strengths Unleashed needed a platform that provided leadership development services across three specialist domains: Assessment, Coaching, and Organizational Advisory service. This platform allows corporate clients to complete various assessments, and receive reports and the debrief date with the coach, who interprets the results from the surveys.


The first national library of comics authors of Uzbekistan. For iOS and Android.

Car Rentals — Business-in-a-Box

Car rentals bnb (Business in a Box) represents a unique turnkey solution for the clients who are engaged in the Car rental industry. A beautifully designed front end website and a powerful back-office are provided within the Business in a Box package. You can make online reservations with deposit option and enjoy fleet& vehicle evaluations, vehicle tracking and “Real-time OBDI data from each vehicle, the reporting via the report designer and built in CRM for customer communications and marketing.


Online store selling spare parts, accessories, fluids for Toyota cars.

Baltic Home

Online store selling luxury furniture. Development of a catalog site and admin panel from scratch. At the second stage, it is planned to create an online store with a profile and a shopping cart.

Sideminds — Website

Sideminds is a new marketing leadership consultancy. It helps senior marketers be more successful by providing day to day support from advisors, who have previously been in marketing leadership positions and are trained in coaching. Our team developed a website to engage potential customers by providing information about the service. 

XLD — Back Office

XLD Commodities is a ground-breaking agricultural price-risk management business. The back office for XLD was created to offer businesses a clear choice: whether to buy or sell based on the forward pricing. One of the most distinctive features of the platform is that the number of contacts can be composed in the admin panel. There is also an API connection made with Bloomberg and other financial data giants to make sure that customers receive the most accurate information on agricultural items.

InfoKiosk/Application platform

Receiving public servives through info kiosk on the spot of SAI (State Automobile Inspectorate) and VRD (Visa and registration (foreigners) department).

Formation of applications for public services on the spot of SAI and VRD.

Restaurant — Business-in-a-Box

Restaurant bnb (Business in a Box) represents a unique turnkey solution for the clients who are engaged in the Restaurant business. A beautifully designed front end website and a powerful back-office are provided within the Business in a Box package. You can make online bookings with deposit option and enjoy the reporting via the report designer and built in POS system.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Department of Internal Affairs

Main citizen informational Website

Situation Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Relentless updated the internal system for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan to handle urgent responses to emergency calls. Our team implemented several new features and functions.

Center of Forensic Expertise — Data Analysis System

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan contracted our team to design and develop a system of accounting and analysis of forensic data. 

Electronic Document Management

An electronic document system for all departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic.

Samarqand RRC (Rapid Response Center)

Situational Analysis Center project. A collection of existing projects in the entire Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Crime Data Information System. 

Uzbekistan National Guard

Security and control system for custom-engineered equipment

My Bus

Mobile application for consultation of schedules of urban transport in Tashkent and other regions. iOS and Android.

Stoma Service/Kids Smile

CRM for a dental clinic.
Telegram bot for making an appointment, receiving notifications about the appointment, familiarization with the pricelist.


Fintech project. Development of a mobile application and administration front-end. iOS and Android.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Relentless presented us with different design options and showed us that all the things we dreamed about were possible. They understood what we were going after better than the other companies we spoke with.” — Amanda Uhlein, President, Grosh Backdrops and Drapery

“I do more with half of my staff now. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t automate my operations. When Relentless says it will be delivered and it will work well, they go above and beyond to make it happen.” — Bekzod Yuldashev, Owner of Megatruckers LLC 

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