E-commerce Storefronts with EasyRentals

The e-commerce platform designed specifically for the rental industry

EasyRentals is the customizable e-commerce storefront that meets the unique needs of the rental industry. It’s easy for you to implement and easy for your customers to use. You can be up and running with your customized storefront in a day!

EasyRentals comes with:

• Built-in credit card and ACH payment processing

• Shipping and credit check integrations

• Optional integrations with Accounting, HR, and Warehouse Management applications

Enjoy the benefits of frictionless e-commerce, better customer experience, and increased efficiencies.

E-commerce Storefronts for Rental Businesses

Most e-commerce templates aren’t built for the realities of the rental industry’s circular workflow. There’s no room for revolving inventory, processing returns, cleaning, or restocking.

Relentless created EasyRentals to make e-commerce easy for rental companies, whether they have an existing online storefront or not.

EasyRentals offers:

• Beautiful, easy-to-use e-commerce storefront templates

• Easy inventory data integration

• Customer credit screening

• Easy claim damage and loss insurance

• Group shipping rates

• Optional digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, and social media marketing

• Use your storefront’s unique URL as your primary e-commerce website or as a supplement to your existing website.

With EasyRentals, anyone can build and customize a rental online store.

EasyRentals for Associations

Associations are continually looking for fresh ways to increase revenue and offer unique value to their members. If your members need to rent supplies to do their work or if they can rent-out idle inventory, you have a brand-new opportunity to add new value to your association membership.

EasyRentals enables associations to create new value to recruit and retain members while developing new passive income streams, all without one dollar of hard costs.

EasyRentals integrates with your website as an e-commerce marketplace where your members can conveniently rent in or out all the supplies and equipment they need or have. Members  have direct access to their consumers, and consumers have a better supply of products. In both cases, your association becomes a valued point of access!

By partnering with Relentless, you will enjoy these key benefits:

• Provide unique value to your members Increase revenue without raising membership costs

• Low barrier to entry — get the marketplace free of charge

Once EasyRentals is integrated with your website, there’s nothing you need to do!

• White labeled with your association’s brand

• No maintenance, logistics, or customer support required on your end