UI/UX Design

We deliver effective UI/UX solutions for complex web and mobile apps. Our partners are companies that comprehend the value of design in a business strategy and seek the success of digital products.

We have a simple and easy formula to approach projects which consists of:


We analyze the product’s business model, niche, competitors, and define the target audience, their gains, pains, and what drives them. All this data will help us make the right decisions.

UX Design

Based on research, we create a mind-map, design wireframes, and interactive prototypes. At this stage, we can fully understand the user-flow, logic, and functionality of the product.

UI Design

After understanding the UX approach, we create an easy-to-use UI interface with a clear visual style that matches your brand. This allows your brand to stand out against competitors


It’s time to animate the interface. We create animations imitating the behavior of objects from the real world that allows users to understand what to expect when using the product

Our Work


Woodland is a modern, technology-based company that designs and builds turnkey green country houses. The design reflects the luxurious and high-end look and feel of the brand.

Escentric Molecules

Online store for innovative and unique perfume. The perfume was created using an aroma molecule not found in nature. The design reflects the uniqueness and identity of the brand.


The mobile app uses AI-based technology for learning English. A unique combination of education and entertainment. 5-star rating in the App Store.


Web app for ordering stunningly flavorful greens and other sustainably-sourced food delivered weekly in reusable containers. FarmOne is serving 40+ of the best restaurants in New York.

Pets Guest

An app that сonnects pet owners and pet lovers to the services they need. It masterfully embodies the connection between owners and their pets and brings it to a whole new level.