Greg Lipper


He has been building technology-enabled products, services, companies, sales teams, and channels on three continents for 30 years in prominent enterprise executive positions, consultant and contractor roles, and through his entrepreneurial ventures. He has been directly involved with outsourced software development in 12 countries across the Asia Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA. He has experienced both the provider and client-side of the software development services business.

He began his career with Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, working with teams that identified profitable technology products from the US, secured distribution rights, and built distribution networks and businesses throughout Japan and Asia. He later developed and implemented the Japan market entry plan for Peregrine Systems, first as a consultant and then as the first Japan country manager and president of Peregrine Systems KK. Peregrine was then the leader in IT asset management. Its AssetCenter product and network management tools managed the physical, contractual, and financial properties of hardware and software assets. Greg later started Asset Management Solutions, which packaged similar capabilities for IT service providers on a SaaS basis before the term SaaS existed. Greg was also the COO and sales director of Creative Software, the largest HR and payroll software vendor focused on SMEs in South East Asia until acquired by Sage. Greg then joined HP Software, which ultimately acquired Peregrine, to manage their SaaS business across the Asia Pacific working with many of the largest system integrators in India, Australia, and Japan. Most recently, Greg created a pulse survey app business in SE Asia that grew to 350,000 users across eight countries serving many of the world’s largest brands and agencies, as well as a US and UK based provider of passive metering technology to enable marketers to understand the mobile behavior of opt-in consumer panels, the effectiveness of mobile advertising media, and the brand suitability of the content on social media platforms.

Fun Facts

  • Greg enjoys tennis, golf, backgammon, live music, travel, vegetarian cooking, and contributing to friends through his continuing poker education.