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CTO Coffee Graph Databases

CTO Coffee: Graph Databases

Table of Contents

CTO Coffee is a monthly event for San Diego CTOs to meet other CTOs and discuss common challenges, solutions, and technological achievements.

Each month, a group member will discuss a specific topic for about 20 minutes, leaving ample time for Q&A and open discussion.

The topic this month will be: Graph Databases

The selection of the right database that is ideal for your specific application is a key decision in application architecture design. Today, there are so many options beyond traditional relational databases to choose from. This talk is a conversation on how graph databases are ideal for fraud and compliance applications, with database characteristics far superior to relational databases for this use case.

Results of Using Graph Databases

This talk will be a case study on how RippleNami used an open-source graph database to develop a tax compliance program for the country of Uganda. In other words, the application finds tax cheaters, being the first to combine federal data with local government data. This enterprise application enabled the Uganda government to achieve their highest tax collection quarter ever, improving their tax collection rate by 44% within the first 6 months of product release.

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Allyn Pon

Speaker: Allyn Pon

Company: RippleNami, Inc.
Occupation: Chief Product Officer
Specialty: Product and Marketing
Years of Experience: Over 20 years
Industry: Enterprise Software and Hardware

Allyn Pon is the Chief Product Officer of RippleNami. Allyn’s background spans 20+ years in executive product and marketing positions across several enterprise software and hardware industries including fintech, healthcare, fraud, ML/AI analytic platforms, blockchain, ESG, semiconductors, IoT and wireless systems. As either Marketing VP or Product Director, he helped drive rapid revenue growth for four firms that either went IPO or had attractive financial exits through acquisitions with a total valuation of over $850 M. With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BSEE from UC Santa Barbara, Allyn focuses on bridging the gap between identifying great business opportunities and creating technology innovation that drives differentiated value resulting in rapid revenue growth.