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Building an AI Assistant to Supercharge Developer Velocity

Building an AI Assistant to Supercharge Developer Velocity

Table of Contents

As technology continues to advance rapidly, developers face increasing pressure to deliver more complex applications faster than ever before. To meet these demands, leading organizations are turning to artificial intelligence to boost developer productivity and velocity in this session session, Aaron & Andrew will demonstrate how RipeMetrics built an internal AI assistant that allows the development team to have natural conversations with key engineering resources —wikis, repositories, documentation, data, and web content.

The AI Assistant

The AI assistant leverages a conversational user interface, built on top of frameworks designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models. This allows developers to get quick answers and focus on higher-value tasks. The presentation will outline the process for scoping requirements, choosing technologies, training models, and enhancing the assistant over time. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to quickly build a similar AI assistant that helps streamline developer workflows. They’ll gain practical tips on how to choose the right open-source libraries, integrate with internal systems, and overcome common challenges.

The Goal

The goal is for technology leaders to have a blueprint for boosting engineering productivity by embedding AI into their organizations’ software development lifecycle. Technologies covered include LangChain, Flowise, Chroma, OpenAI, and more.

Speaker Profile

Aaron Davis - Building an AI Assistant to Supercharge Developer Velocity Andrew Carrigan - Building an AI Assistant to Supercharge Developer Velocity

Speakers: Aaron Davis & Andrew Carrigan
Company: RipeMetrics
Specialty: AI, Customer Experience, Technology, and Software Engineering
Industry: Software, Technology

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis is a co-founder and President of RipeMetrics, an AI-powered customer service, marketing, and relationship management platform tailored for small and mid-sized businesses.

With over 7 years of experience building innovative products at the intersection of customer experience, business intelligence, and marketing automation, Aaron brings seasoned expertise in leveraging technology to transform customer engagement. 

Andrew Carrigan

Andrew Carrigan is a co-founder and accomplished Lead Full Stack Developer at RipeMetrics, where he designs, builds, and manages complex web and mobile applications.

Andrew specializes in JavaScript and has extensive experience with front-end frameworks like React as well as back-end technologies like Node.js, MySQL, and PHP. He’s passionate about teaching and mentorship and enjoys helping more junior developers strengthen their skills and grow in their careers. Andrew is constantly learning and evaluating new languages, frameworks, and methodologies to stay on top of industry trends and advancements.