Bob Zecca

Vice President, Business Development


Bob Zecca is a C-level executive with sales, marketing, operations, and technology expertise. Bob combines business turnaround experience to help lower mid-market companies achieve next-level performance. He holds a Commerce, Engineering, and System Management degree from Drexel University.

Over the years, he worked in executive business-leading, technology, strategic planning and execution, and leadership training. Meanwhile, Bob’s career focuses on transforming businesses to fuel high growth revenue gains and improving performance for $10M – $100M companies using an “Engage and Empower” leadership style.

Bob joined Relentless as Vice President International, bringing his expertise and skills in sales enhancement, strategy planning, and technology alignment with business objectives.


During Bob’s very prosperous career, his skills include strategic partnerships, increasing sales, and redefining business processes by aligning technology with business needs. Lastly, one of his most valuable skill sets includes leadership style, which makes him praised by colleagues and clients.