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Can I Trust Offshore Developers

Can I Trust Offshore Developers

Table of Contents

The question of trust can be a little tricky, whether the subject resides onshore or offshore, trustworthiness cannot be immediately determined. Even if the candidate is decorated by successful awards in their field, there is always a small feeling of uncertainty during the hiring process. The assessor must first understand that trust cannot be measured through a piece of paper. Trust must be earned and can periodically be observed through interaction.

Although it is difficult to measure trustworthiness right off the bat, there are a few ways to initially assess your candidate by asking the right questions that revolve around competence, experience, and values.

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How to Determine if you can Trust Offshore Developers?

The best way to check trustworthiness is by doing an initial interview or a meeting. The usual process involves trimming down your candidates by doing a background check first before a scheduled interview. Below are things you must look out for.

Can I Trust Offshore Developers - How to Determine


If what your candidates say matches what you learned about them on paper, they are consistent. Consistent people often have self-control and follow through on what they say. Even if there are roadblocks, they’ll try all possible solutions and deliver what they have committed. It vexes them to wear different masks just to impress someone. 

Balanced Humility and Confidence

Humble confidence is a skill that is observed in people with great self-leadership. These individuals are often reliable and know how to utilize their talents effectively. If you are talking to a representative of a company, project managers would usually have this trait. They know when to be humble or confident about what they are showcasing. 


If you find your candidate to be relaxed during an interview, you will often find yourself relaxed while talking to them. This trait shows that they have nothing to hide and can usually handle difficult situations with a calm mind.


A respectful candidate will listen to you and first and understand your needs before giving a solution or showcasing their experience. These individuals or companies will respect the contract and their deadlines.


If your candidate value truth above anything else, it means they have a strong sense of integrity in what they say or do. Even if the truth puts them through a difficult situation they will be transparent about it and report them. They understand that being truthful about a bad situation avoids future conflicts and enables them to focus on a solution instead of covering up a mistake. This trait can often be measured by asking about their strengths and weaknesses.

Why do Companies Hire Offshore Developers?

Hiring offshore developers open up an opportunity for companies to focus on their core business competencies. Instead of building an in-house software development team which is usually very costly, you can funnel some of your resources into other departments such as sales & marketing.

Can I Trust Offshore Developers - Why do Companies Hire OFfshore Developers

However, it doesn’t mean you should give up on having great software for your company. Hiring offshore developers is a great and cost-efficient alternative to having an in-house software development team. Here’s why:

Larger Talent Pool

Having development done offshore does not mean having inferior quality. In fact, due to the larger talent pool, you gain access to a variety of experienced individuals overseas. Assessing their skills and trustworthiness would be the primary focus while going through the hiring process.


A well-experienced offshore developer considers the size of your company, your budget, the technology available, and the goals you have in mind. If you plan to work with a software development agency, they are usually flexible enough to provide you with resources that fit your needs. Adding or removing developers from the project based on budget and demand can also be done, a freedom that is only available through outsourcing.

Technology & Innovation

Unlike in-house developers who are usually comfortable with their version of technology, offshore developers make a lot of effort to update their skills. Being an offshore developer means that you have a lot of competition. If you do not know the latest and greatest technologies, you will have fewer opportunities to choose from.

Overcoming Challenges

In general, some challenges can occur when hiring offshore developers such as timelines, lack of consistent interactions, language barrier, and security. These challenges are often less risky when dealing with an agency than with individual contractors. 

Although individual contractors can sometimes offer a lower rate for software development, you might have to manage your expectations because the results can take time as there will only be one person working on the project. There’s also a possibility that the contractor lacks legal guidance which may result in future intellectual property issues.

Can I Trust Offshore Developers - Overcoming Challenges

When dealing with an agency, most of these challenges will be mitigated or even eradicated due to manpower complement. Timelines and consistent interactions can be accomplished by having a project manager, the language barrier can be solved by assigning developers that speak your native tongue, and lastly, they are guided by a legal team to assist in matters of intellectual property.