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CTO Coffee Cybersecurity

CTO Coffee: Cybersecurity

Table of Contents

CTO Coffee is a monthly event for San Diego software professionals to meet other pros and discuss common challenges, solutions, and technological achievements.

Each month, a group member will discuss a specific topic for about 20 minutes, leaving ample time for Q&A and open discussion.

The topic this month will be: Cybersecurity and the top 5 things you need to do

In a world where cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent and complex, it’s crucial for organizations to prioritize security in their processes.

Cybersecurity Implementation

In this 20-minute discussion, we’ll delve into five essential topics in secure software development. These include integrating security measures into the development process, staying informed about potential vulnerabilities, evaluating access control processes, and more. Learn how using security-first approaches help protect your company assets from potential threats.

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Paul Bergman

Speaker: Paul Bergman

  • Company: Tracc Development, Inc.
  • Occupation: Global Executive, Strategic Management Advisor, Digital and Cyber Security Leader
  • Specialty: Digital and Cyber Security
  • Years of Experience: Over 10 Years
  • Industry: Tech Consultancy and Advising

Paul Bergman is a highly skilled technical leader with a wealth of experience in healthcare, business consulting, and telecommunications. His expertise in cybersecurity, strategic planning, global market expansion, and emerging company growth is invaluable as a C-level advisor and consultant. He is also a frequent speaker on the role of cybersecurity in the boardroom.

As a passionate advocate for entrepreneurial start-ups and growth mindset cultivation, Paul has a sharp eye for identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. His deep knowledge of cyber security and extensive experience with certification and compliance make him a valuable asset to any company seeking to navigate today’s complex business landscape.

As a security executive, Paul oversaw the HIPAA compliance of over 3 million healthcare records and expertly managed through three separate security incidents. His exceptional leadership and planning led to no reportable events, no violations, and meaningful losses to the company. Additionally, he was instrumental in the successful sale of the company, delivering outstanding value to shareholders.

Paul’s extensive experience in joint-ventures is another asset to any company seeking to expand its reach. He has founded two tech startups, five joint-ventures, and three non-profit corporations, and runs Tracc Development, a thriving cyber security and IT consulting firm.

In addition to his impressive business acumen, Paul is an experienced financial manager, having overseen budgets ranging from single departments to international global expansions spanning multiple JVs. His five years of international business development experience give him a unique global growth mindset, which he honed as Director of International Business Development at Worldcom. In this role, he managed the operational start-up of five international joint ventures, managing budgets up to $440M, while living in Japan, England, and Canada. He also managed network deployments into England, Spain, and Germany from London, showcasing his exceptional technical skills and leadership ability.