DolphinTank is a San Diego version of shark tank that is nicer, kinder, more constructive and focused on helping San Diego area entrepreneurs and startups. 
The format is similar to the popular SharkTank TV show with a panel of investors hearing and giving feedback on pitches from entrepreneurs seeking capital, but that’s where the similarity ends. 
DolphinTank will be held at the beautiful Vineyard Hacienda in Rancho San Diego (20 minutes East of downtown San Diego) with drinks and appetizers at a reception, outdoor covered seating for the presentations, and a poolside cocktail party after the presentations so audience members can meet the presenters and the Dolphins.
Each of the Dolphins are experts not just in investing but in fields including software development, marketing, financial management, operations and HR. Each Dolphin will offer the presenters with advice from their field of expertise. 
The Dolphins will offer selected presenters with combinations of capital and services investment. For example, Relentless Sofware will offer tens of thousands of dollars of software development services to selected presenters. 
The event will be video recorded and each participant will receive video files of their segments and the Dolphin feedback for both their review and use in marketing.
Entrepreneurs who would like to participate in DolphinTank may apply via the form below