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How EasyRentals Helps Trade Associations Boost Revenue

How EasyRentals Helps Trade Associations Boost Revenue

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If you’re anything like most trade associations, you regularly face the conflicting objectives of increasing value for your members while trying not to increase membership fees. Associations that do both effectively will see increased membership and prosperity. Those that can’t do both face the decision to reduce services or increase fees, which can both be detrimental.

Increase Your Association’s Revenue

Trade associations often consist of natural rental transaction providers or consumers. For example, a photography association consists of photographers who need to rent equipment as well as photography equipment providers. A home staging association has members who are home stagers and home staging rental companies. 

This mix of consumers and providers creates an opportunity for trade associations to provide new value. By hosting a rental marketplace on your website, you can place rental companies in front of their ideal customers and receive additional revenue from the service.

Relentless offers private rental marketplaces that provide one-stop-shopping convenience and economies of scale for trade associations like yours.

Your members can rent equipment and supplies directly from your marketplace, while rental vendors can connect with their customers through EasyRentals. Your members will view this as a valuable benefit of their association membership.

Relentless creates these marketplaces at no cost to you, and we provide ongoing technical support. The marketplace is white-labeled and branded for your association. 

You benefit from new revenue streams generated by some of the revenue received from storefront subscriptions. Your association incurs no investment, operational costs, or need for additional staff.

What Is EasyRentals?

EasyRentals integrates with your website as an e-commerce marketplace, much like Shopify. With EasyRentals, your members can conveniently rent all the supplies and equipment they need to do their work. Rental operators sign up to get listed on the platform, and consumers can easily find the best deals from various providers. 

Members who are providers have direct access to their consumers, and consumers have a greater selection of products to choose from. In both cases, your association becomes a valued point of access! 

The EasyRentals marketplace offers consumers unique benefits that they can only find on your association’s website. Most importantly, they get one-stop shopping with a larger selection of inventory than any single vendor provides.

Rental operators gain unique value as well, including:

  • Immediate access to their ideal customers
  • Higher marketing visibility
  • Greater sales opportunities

Relentless–Experts in Rental Management Software Development 

let’s add content that speaks to our experience in the rental industry and the expertise of our software developers in general.

As experts in integrating business systems for rental companies, our years of experience in rental management allow us to seamlessly integrate data and workflows across departments, including rental, accounting, and HR applications. We eliminate pain points from your operations and improve repair and disposal decisions by tracking depreciated values of your rental equipment.

We can also align your workforce planning, rosters, sales forecasts, and project plans to streamline all your processes. Our software developers deeply understand the rental industry and HR practices, so we can deliver integrations that better cater to your business’s specific needs.

Our integrations allow you to see the whole picture–the entire lifecycle of customer relationships, enabling a more personalized service for your customers. With our experience in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, our integrations help you understand your customers better and enhance your relationship with them.

Overall, our expertise covers integrating business systems for rental companies, including asset management and accounting principles, HR practices, and CRM systems.

Why Work With Us? 

We offer a white-label software solution for your rental companies through our EasyRentals Storefront. Our software provides a customizable boots-on-the-ground storefront with a quick and easy set-up. You get built-in connections to payment processing, shipping, and personal credit checks — and optional integrations to accounting, HR, and warehouse management applications.

Now you can offer members a frictionless e-commerce experience, enabling online sales and rental transactions and easy quotation requests. Forget about all the manual hours needed for every transaction, and watch as customer experience satisfaction goes through the roof.

The software can be customized to meet your unique needs so you can brand and price all your product offerings. Relentless also provides ongoing support to ensure your software runs smoothly and that any and all issues are quickly addressed.

Revenue Benefits of EasyRentals 

EasyRentals generates new revenue for your trade association at no cost to you. Rental companies pay Relentless a monthly fee to be listed on the marketplace. We share a portion of that revenue with your association — increasing your income without raising membership costs. 

There’s very little technical demand on your end, so getting started is incredibly easy. Once EasyRentals is integrated with your association’s website, you have no maintenance, logistics, or customer support requirements. 

Not only is EasyRentals an immediate profit center, but it also offers a unique value that can attract and retain more memberships — which boosts revenue even further. 

Curious? Let’s start a conversation and show you what’s possible for your trade association. Contact us today!