Olga Kalivanova

Project Manager


Olga is one of the most capable and hardworking specialists in the IT field. Her team characterized Olga as an organized, goal-oriented expert who uses passion, creativity, and collaboration to design projects that are destined for success. By specializing in distinct spheres of IT, Olga has gathered a valuable experience in the areas of the Production of metallurgy, food industry; Retailment; Distribution network; ERP system integrator; Bank system; IT Healthcare; Mobile&Web development.
Olga got a Bachelor’s degree, later Master’s degree in Transport Management at Pryazovskyi State Technical University (Ukraine).

Fun Facts

Interestingly, Olga is a woman of varied attainments. In her spare time she makes experiments with soap(soap making). Besides, she trains and attends fitness classes for keeping fit.


Ukrainian, Russian, English