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Relentless Kicks Off 2023 with a Bang

Relentless Kicks Off 2023 with a Bang

Table of Contents

At the year end of 2022, we had a lot to celebrate. In Uzbekistan, New Year’s Eve is the biggest holiday, and we felt it was appropriate and necessary to celebrate our personal and professional wins. We had several goals for the year and blew them out of the water — we even surprised ourselves. 

Uzbekistan is not your typical place to celebrate. With a very diverse population, we like to party differently. Some of the population adheres to a rigorous regimen of no alcohol consumption, whereas other segments celebrate with alcohol frequently and everything in between. We want everyone to celebrate the way they want to. We were able to find the sweet spot with our year-end bash. 

Most Uzbekis will greet the New Year at home with their families, after which they will leave the house to go out and celebrate with their friends. 

In the capital city of Tashkent, we have a 500-plus-strong team, and in 2022, we expanded our skills, capabilities, and endeavors in an extravaganza of food, drink, music, cheer, and dancing. Let us share some of our wins and reasons why we are optimistic about better serving you and all our customers into 2023 and beyond. 

Our Origin Story

Relentless started as a software and IT services company by brothers Jack and Lotch Samatov. They started with $100 and achieved a 76% ROI in the first year. Headquartered in the US, Lotch returned to Uzbekistan to assemble a team of elite software developers, making it Uzbekistan’s largest and most successful company. 

Relentless has a reputation for providing world-class services and technology solutions to businesses to help them grow. Speaking of growth, in the last two years since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, we’ve welcomed employees from there with open arms. 

Some companies talk about treating employees like family, but we walk the walk. We bond over meals and travel and have even welcomed new colleagues as a family during Ukraine’s situation. Our employees are truly valued and considered part of our family.

As co-founders and co-owners of Intelligent Financial Technology Group, a conglomerate based in Uzbekistan, we have a dozen businesses across software development and IT services, payment gateways, digital marketing, telecoms, and various non-tech B2B and B2C distribution and services businesses. 

The ITFG has nearly 1,000 employees, of which 200+ are software development and IT services-related engineers, architects, and project managers. We provide a broad range of custom software development services, dedicated teams for offshore staff augmentation, systems integrations, and customizations specific to rental asset management software.

Why we partied like it was 1999

In light of rapid expansion. We wanted to renew the sense of family in our businesses — which is why we went to such lengths to make every team member in Tashkent that day feel valued, recognized, and an integral part of our success. 

The ITFG celebration highlights the unique advantage each company within our Relentless conglomerate has to offer our customers. Specifically, each part offers specialized expertise and specialized knowledge of a smaller boutique firm. At the same time, they each provide the resources, stability, and wide range of skills that come with being part of a larger, more established organization. 

This combination allows Relentless to support our clients with customized solutions and expert guidance from boutique consultants while having the long-term sustainability and industry presence of a larger, more established company.

So what did we achieve exactly? 

In 2022, Relentless saw exponential growth in staff and revenue. Hard work and determination fueled our success. Our conglomerate gives us the backing that we need–other smaller companies simply don’t have it. We differentiate ourselves by having a small group of employees with a rich wealth of resources to tap into. 

Whether you’re having problems with managing your rental inventory, choosing the right equipment, or providing top-notch customer service, we’ve got solutions for you.   

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