Rental Ops Pain

$50 for your pain!

Some people talk about a penny for your thoughts…others tell you no one wants to hear your problems.

Well, we will give you $50 to tell us about your problems!

After years of developing rental commerce storefronts and integration rental systems, Relentless Software is now productizing a rental asset management solution we custom developed for a large AV rental company.

We want to make sure the problems our new product solves are the problems most important to you. This is not a pitch. We do not want to tell you about our product, not even mention its name*.

The conversation will take about 30 minutes, and to thank you for your time and input, we will send you a $50 Amazon gift card after our discussion. We will record this discussion for our own internal study, but nothing about our discussion will be released to any third party.

*If we determine that there is a good fit between your needs and our solution, we may contact you again in the future to invite you to a discussion introducing our solution, but we will only do that if we see a strong fit.