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Why Choose Relentless for Your Custom Software Solution

Why Choose Relentless for Your Custom Software Solution

Table of Contents

Are you in need of custom software or a website to provide better service to your customers? It can be challenging to know where to start and whether customization is the best solution. That’s where Relentless comes in. We offer custom software solutions, so stay here to learn how Relentless can help streamline your operations and improve customer experience. 

Is Custom Software Right For Your Business?

If you do need a custom software solution, how can you be ready for it? First, you’ll need to clarify your business objectives, determine your target audience, understand budget constraints and estimated projected timelines, assign a project lead, and make a checklist of necessary resources.

If custom software is right for your business, the software should be tailored to your organization’s specific needs instead of off-the-shelf software designed for a broader audience. The benefits of custom software include addressing those needs, enhancing UX, providing a competitive advantage, ensuring data is secure, and offering long-term cost-effectiveness and scalability. 

Tips to Inform Your Decision 

Choosing between developers takes a lot of work. However, if you want successful product development, there are several things you need to consider

You’ll need a technical lead in a close time zone, allowing for efficient communication and collaboration within the development team. Precision is key–your precise product specifications will minimize the risk of rework. You’ll also need a competent and experienced product management team to get you there.

Having an exit plan is equally important to reduce risk and ensure a smooth transition if unexpected challenges arise. Your company can increase its chances of creating a successful product by embracing prototype building and focusing on the development team’s culture and success.

What Can You Expect When Hiring Relentless for Your Custom Software Development Project? 

Figuring out what a successful project delivery looks like requires a detailed look at each step. At Relentless, we pride ourselves on our tried and tested process, which we follow to guarantee flawless delivery. 

Intake and Discovery 

The first milestone is an intake, where we discover the vision for your project and document all your requirements. On our second discovery call, we present your idea back to you, scope and all. We show you exactly how we plan to build the solution to your project/product, 

Estimate and SOW 

Once you accept the solution, you’ll see the estimate, and we will present you with the statement of work (SOW). We then assign a dedicated UI/UX person to your project.  At this point, you’ll approve specs for each page/section of your site/project in an ongoing process.


Development goes in multiple phases once you agree on the UI/UX side. Most often, 4-5 stages are enough for you to verify/accept all aspects of the delivery. 

Our DevOps team will always have two project managers assigned to your project. One works in your local time zone, and one is in Uzbekistan. Having two PMs ensures a quick turnaround. We prioritize collaboration, communication, and automation to deliver better software and solutions faster while reducing the risk of errors or downtime.

Vetting and Delivery 

We expect that you will carefully examine, evaluate, and check the specifications and suitability of the product before making acceptance or moving forward. We want to ensure that the product we hand off meets your required standards and is a good fit for your business. 

The next step is beta testing. During beta testing, you may choose a group of users to try out the software and give us feedback on their experience. If there are any issues or bugs, we will fix them before the official launch.

You may find something you had yet to think to include during this period at the onset. Again, we’ve got you covered here. 

Any change after the fact will become a change order we will complete as its own project after the initial release. Not to worry, we’ll seamlessly integrate those changes into your application so that the new functionality perfectly fits within the framework. 

Need it in the first release? Then, we can incorporate that change order quickly so that your project rolls out to your customers simultaneously. 

Final Acceptance and Maintenance 

Once you accept all components of the product/project, it’s yours! But that’s not where we stop. First, you get 30 days of free fixes. After that, we have a monthly maintenance package that covers updates, monitoring, and 24-hour support. 

If you have changes that fall outside the scope, our team is ready to change or enhance any part of the deliverable on a time-and-materials fee basis.

Remove Cultural Barriers

Most software development companies assume that once you hand off the documentation and requirements, the result will be exactly what you expect. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case because when you outsource a project manager from another country, developers don’t always understand the unspoken assumptions you have for your product. 

Because Relentless has project managers in the U.S., we understand your expectations and identify any issues during development, before the product is delivered to you. 

The Benefit of Working with Relentless

Software development is a complex process that involves several moving parts. Thus, we use a strategic mix of roles on-shore and off-shore to ensure a smooth and successful project. These roles include:

  • Product development: the front-to-back process of creating and launching a new product involving everything from ideation, market research, design, development, testing, and launch.
  • Project management: In software development, project management includes creating project plans, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and managing budgets and timelines.
  • UI/UX design: focused on creating a software application’s look, feel, and usability. UI design refers to the visual elements, such as buttons and layouts. In contrast, UX design involves the user’s experience with the software, including ease of navigation and understanding.
  • Quality assurance: ensuring that a software product is of high quality and meets the expectations of its users, including testing the software for bugs and errors and ensuring it meets your functional and performance requirements.
  • Software development: creating software, from writing code to designing user interfaces, testing and deploying the finished product, and integrating the software with other systems.

Work With Us! 

To ensure that your project/product meets the quality you desire while remaining at a competitive price, we offer QA services in both the US and Uzbekistan. Our QA process includes two stages to catch any problems before they reach you or your clients.

We offer a suite of services covering every aspect of your project/product, from concept to development, so you get the results you want and deserve. 

Choose Relentless to get the custom software you and your clients deserve. Then, contact us so we can find a solution that fits your business needs!