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Relentless Expansion

Rēlentless Expansion

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Rēlentless Software Expands its Business Development Team

Decades of Senior & Global Experience Plus Additional Offerings

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PASADENA, CA, USA, May 19, 2022 / — Pasadena, CA— May 19, 2022 — Rēlentless Software Solutions LLC announces two new senior additions to its management team and two new strategic offerings. Bob Zecca joins Rēlentless as Vice President of Business Development. Reporting to Zecca, Greg Lipper joins as Vice President of International.

Bob Zecca is a C-level Business Executive who blends technology, sales/marketing, operations, and business turnaround experience to drive next-level performance for lower mid-market companies. Having led two software companies as President, he is skilled at boosting sales, forging strategic partnerships, and redefining business processes by aligning technology with business needs. Driven by passion, honesty, and integrity, his leadership style fosters accountability, creativity, and innovation.

Greg Lipper brings 30 years of corporate, consultant, and entrepreneurial experience building and selling technology-enabled products and services across the Asia Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA. Greg is experienced on both the provider and client sides of outsourced software development in 12 countries. This positions him well to understand both the immediate and long-term needs and concerns of clients. It also provides unique insights into how off-shore development can be a strategic tool to catapult emerging companies and optimize the resource allocation of mature enterprises.

“With the largest software development team in Uzbekistan and decades of experience in software engineering excellence, we were already able to improve software design and exceed client expectations,” said Jack Samatov, CEO of Rēlentless Software, “but with the addition of Bob and Greg, we are now ready to scale our sales processes for both domestic and international markets.”

New Offerings:

Rēlentless will continue providing custom web, application, and API development services and its integration and customization of eCommerce products for Enterprise Rental Management Software. Rēlentless is also excited to soon introduce a new proprietary and domain-tailored rental eCommerce application, which will operate as a standalone application or run on Odoo and SAP platforms software.

“We are proud of the interface and integration work we have delivered to expand the capabilities and increase ROI of many rental operations management software the equipment rental organizations enjoy,” said Samatov, “and we will soon go to the next level of creating an entirely new, standalone Rental Management Application focused on the eCommerce aspect of equipment rental business.”

Rēlentless Software is a strategic partner of People Data Company (“PDC”) and will provide technical services necessary for clients to make better, faster decisions with real-time consumer mobile behavior, media measurement and assessment, and both mobile app and mobile advertising competitive intelligence. In addition, Rēlentless will help PDC clients with data capture rule writing, testing and maintenance, management of massive data sets, data visualization, and API integrations.

Lipper, who will serve concurrently as Rēlentless VP of International and PDC’s CEO, said, “Only someone who has bet their own business on a software development team’s ability to produce can put his hand on his heart and tell clients that they should do so…I did, so I can.”

About Rēlentless Software

Founded in 2005, Rēlentless Software is a core member of the Samatov Group of companies, including the largest outsourced software development team in Uzbekistan. Rēlentless Software Solutions (d/b/a Rēlentless Agency) is a full-service interactive development and design company specializing in back-end development, custom applications, design, development, systems, maintenance, and e-commerce tools for any web, mobile, or tablet platform. Rēlentless has built a sterling reputation for the quality of its work and attentiveness to its client’s needs.