Search Engine Optimization

Off-page optimization​

Off-page optimization is used for promoting your website content to third parties, developing shareable content for your site’s blog, and monitoring your company’s mentions across social media by users and influencers. The most important thing you should do is to optimize your Google My Business profile.

On-page optimization​

On-page optimization is used for updating title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags for search. Also for auditing your website’s information architecture, redirects, and internal linking structure. Steps you should include when doing on-page optimization are creating a sitemap, optimizing your site for better Google SpeedPage Insights, researching and optimizing your website with valuable and relevant keywords.

Local SEO

Local SEO is used for the optimization of websites for increasing brand awareness from local search. The most common tasks that Local SEO includes are finding local keywords (keywords specific for some particular area – can be written in English or local language, it can also be a locally used phrase or saying), building “NAP” citations, and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

eCommerce SEO

ECommerce SEO is used for the optimization of websites so your online business or store has a better ranking and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Common tasks to perform when doing eCommerce SEO are optimization of headlines and product descriptions,  optimization, navigational structuring, and internal link structure.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is used for the optimization of websites, which ensures that the technical requirements of modern search engines are met. The goal is to improve organic ratings. The most important tasks to perform when doing Technical SEO are making sure there are no duplicate sites in Google’s Index, finding and fixing crawl errors, improving site speed, fixing broken links, and making the website mobile-friendly.

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