Adam Berke


Adam Berke is an enthusiastic visionary dedicated to the research of market trends. He is an empathetic leader seeking to note any industry opportunities in order to make sure his company and his team can add value by providing sustainable solutions.

He is 1986 alumni from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication/Media Studies.

Adam describes his role with Relentless Agency as “constantly identifying market trends and industry opportunities where we can provide e-Commerce, website development, SEO, Applications, and support. ”


Adam Berke is the main sales manager in the Relentless Agency which he achieved thanks to immense experience as well as a great set of skills. In case a company wants to grow, the need for automated and digital platforms is essential, which is precisely where Adam and his skills come to light. Besides excellent communicative and persuasive skills, Adam has an excellent problem-solving mindset, while his excellent negotiation skills helped him land numerous successful business opportunities, some worth over 2 million. Adam is also proficient in tasks such as the design of the sales and marketing process and managing teams. is excellent we provide the products and services to achieve this growth. Lastly, one of the most valuable skill sets Adam has, includes the ability to deliver digital solutions and meticulously choose target markets for all his clients. So far he has been successfully navigating teams in the area of consulting services, healthcare, custom software solutions, and sports.

Fun Facts

  • Adam has worked with some world-famous clients such as Johnson and Johnson, U.S Defense Systems, and Cardinal Health. He managed sales for companies that have executives in India.
  • He was a member of the sales team for a company that produced MediTab produced EMR software, Saas (electronic medical records) as mandated by the U.S Government.
  • Adam was executive director of the Nutrition Institute for academy members and professional athletes.
    He was the owner of wellness and gym which is the first provider of corporate wellness programs to mid-sized companies in the greater Boston area.