How to become Rēlentless

Combine 50 years of industry expertise, Relentless leadership and continue to bring talent and creativity to every project.

Jack Samatov

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Samatov built his first sound compiler at the age of 16 with Assembler and C++. 25 years later, he is a relentlessly passionate visionair aiming to help brands master technology challenges and develop the capabilities necessary to deliver groundbreaking digital products and solutions. At Rēlentless, Jack leads the agency’s technical teams, sharing his immense experience and innovative approach while aligning the technology-related decisions for our clients with Rēlentless organizational goals.

Michael Theuringer

Chief Strategy Officer

Michael is a hands-on digital media executive with a proven track record of delivering engaging, interactive experiences across multiple touch points and devices for clients like Technicolor, Microsoft, Anheuser Bush, Kia Motors, Ihop and Pepsi among many others.  At Rēlentless, he is responsible for the agency’s Account, Creative, Content, UX and Technology practice teams to ensure a unifying vision for the design and construction of highly differentiated digital customer experiences. 

Lotch Samatov

Chief Operations Officer

Lotch Samatov co-founded his first IT Services Company in 2005 right out of Boston University with a fresh IT degree. He had passion and great vision that led him to grow his team and client network transitioning to a multi-million dollar a year company, with 25-40% year over year increase in revenue.

In 2008, he founded a 40 person strong development company in Uzbekistan that became Rēlentless’ main offshore development arm. 

Bob Zecca

Vice President, Business Development

Bob Zecca is a C-level Business Executive who blends technology, sales/marketing, operations, and business turnaround experience to drive next-level performance for lower mid-market companies. Having led two software companies as President, he is skilled at boosting sales, forging strategic partnerships, and redefining business processes by aligning technology with business needs. Driven by passion, honesty, and integrity, his leadership style fosters accountability, creativity, and innovation.

Greg Lipper

Vice President, International

30 years of developing and selling technology solutions and technology-enabled services globally.

Greg brings a wealth of sales and business development experience, global relationships, and entrepreneurial energy to his role to relentlessly build Relentless Software’s business with customers, integrators, agencies, and enterprise software platforms globally.

Adam Berke

Business Development

A thirty-year sales and Business Development professional, Adam cut his teeth in sales as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts. Creating a licensing agreement for a small manufacturing company with the COO of Gold’s Gym LLC led to his first career role as head of global franchising. Today Adam heads up the sales team for Relentless, utilizing his experience to create the U.S market opportunities with our software solution. 

Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann

General Project Manager

Almost 20 years spent in business process design and implementation made Alejandro become an aspiring leader in this field. His team has described him as a software architect, team creator, and leader who helps Relentless achieve excellence. Alejandro uses his great experience in object-oriented program design, software process design, and UX/UI design. In his free time, he likes to produce music in his studio. 

Fernando Casián Manero

Graphic Designer

Fernando is a motivated and passionate graphic designer working on websites for the past 15 years. He has a strong vision and knowledge about processes and problem-solving in visual arts for the tourism industry and others. He’s a great illustrator and logo designer who worked with the team for more than ten years on many different projects. He likes to produce techno music, fly a drone, and travel when he’s not designing.